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Our aerial photographers specialise in photographing commission work and progress reports for a wide range of clients. We use aircraft and helicopters when Drone Photography is not viable. All photos are taken using hi-resolution digital cameras.

We offer a wide range of images and styles, from composite pictures featuring several images to framed photographs for your boardroom or reception area.

Jim’s Drones are the experts in drone photography but sometimes drones can’t do the job you need. For example, drones aren’t allowed to fly above 400 ft (122 metres). They’re not allowed to fly beyond the operator’s line of sight. There are many areas with restricted airspace in which drones are not allowed to fly at all. If you need aerial photographs where drones are banned, then you need a photographer to go up in a light plane or helicopter. It’s often the only way to get the shot. Call us on 131546 for more details.



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