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An obsessive focus on safety and holding the correct qualifications and licensing is absolutely critical in providing legal and compliant Drone services.

You’ll receive industry leading services to the highest standards of safety and compliance through our partnership with the Institute for Drone Technology, Australia’s premiere drone organisation, on professional equipment and cutting edge technology, culminating in exceptional outcomes for photography, surveying, 3D modelling, asset and confined space inspections, agriculture and more.

But this is only part of the total solution.

Having full insurance and an overarching safety and risk management policy is another key in offering peace of mind when it comes to Drones as a service.

Jims Drones provide a variety of services to major industrial and commercial enterprises as well as delivering professional outcomes for-

  • aerial photography and videography
  • mining and mapping
  • agriculture
  • surveying
  • 3D modelling
  • site and asset inspections and facility management.
  • thermal imaging
  • cinematography, tv and media
  • advertising
  • building and construction
  • emergency services
  • insurance assessment
  • real estate and domestic clients

We continue to build many strategic alliances within this rapid growth industry. With impeccable qualifications and the recognition and credibility that comes with the trusted Jims brand, large corporate clients, major industry and small business owners can all be assured of the safest, quickest and most economical outcomes.

Full service packages are available for practically any drone application including terrestrial and marine drones.


For a confidential and obligation free discussion or quote on any of your imaging requirements please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Jim’s Photography and Drones.



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